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From independently teaching myself marketing and technical skills needed to accomplish widespread audience engagement, I discovered the creative power of digital media that inspired me to start my business, LXN Photography, in 2014.

I developed as a social media marketer by practicing in various mediums including photography, videography, web development, and graphic design. I worked for organizations including Residential Dining, Gaucho Farmer’s Market, Bike Committee, Gaucho Street Dance, MultiCultural Center, Word Magazine, Writing Program, and Nextimage3D. Together these leadership positions have built my confidence to run my business, LXN Photography.

Growing up dancing throughout my life since I was 3 years old, I struggled thinking I needed to fit a mold. As I became more serious about dance in high school, I decided to apply and audition for college's as a dance major. Although I still love dance, the superficial world of being expected to have the perfect body and technique made me feel inadequate.

I was frustrated as a dancer because we were expected to perform other choreographer's work rather than our own. Through photography, I could still be involved with the dance world by photographing concerts while creating my own work. I discovered photography as my favorite medium to express myself while double majoring in Art and Dance and minoring in Professional Writing’s Multimedia Communication track at UC Santa Barbara.

I struggled deciding on my niche because I love photographing portraits, events, macros, food, architecture, and dance equally. Amazingly weddings combine all of those genres into one! I love capturing every moment of the wedding day from details, candids, to portraits. What I enjoy most about capturing weddings is the variety of experiences, clients, locations, and genres of photography involved.

I define my photography style as authentic, dreamy, and romantic. I enjoy capturing ephemeral moments like candids. I can’t define myself as “dark and moody” nor “bright and airy,” but rather fresh and vibrant. I focus on featuring the natural beauty of my clients so I stay true to colors.

My role as a photographer is to make other people feel and look beautiful. One of my favorite parts about photography is connecting with my clients to allow them to feel comfortable in front of the camera. From developing my business through online platforms and media connections, I am hired to photograph everything from weddings, portraits, to events.

Location: Los Angeles
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