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What help do we need?
We are trying to write as good of a script as we can ourselves, plot out the scenes, etc. But we need both a DP that can also serve as creative director through pre-production and production, and a post-editor that can edit and create various cuts?

Why not just do the entire thing ourselves?
So we love this article on how you can do it all yourself (this was product crowdfunding, not equity crowdfunding, but the same ideas apply)--
Instead of doing this fully ourselves, we are looking for help from a DP and post-editor.

To start, we need help molding our storyboard for our headline video for an amazing Start Engine crowdfunding campaign to maximize our chances of success. We then need to plan and execute a shoot for a video that works with our voice and could garner excitement for an incredible crowdfunding campaign (CBD + our cognitive line).

Who is the target market - the investor on Start Engine platform?
-Investor audience is tech savvy, millennials; similar to kickstarter

What do other great videos look like? Can I see some?
-One to note is Sondors and other videos -… What do you think makes these particular videos that have been so successful do well? What do you think makes the investor want to jump? We don’t claim to be able to deduce the perfect logical formula, and believe it’s up for discussion and brainstorm.

What does the Start Engine team think the video must have to do well?
Must haves/mandatories from SE view
-Must create a connection with the consumer investor to the company and/or individual
-Create a connection to the why behind what we are doing and the problem we are solving
-Keep it short (90-120 seconds), less than 6 second cuts

What are some examples of videos from other successful campaigns and what did we deduce from them>?

What is the job?
Plan and film the content to hand to post-edit for a) killer headline video and b) some footage we can later use for exciting and engaging campaign updates

Where can you find the most background info on our brand and what we are doing next that is going to be exciting to investors?
The majority of our information is on our site as well as has a lot more manifesto copy. In terms of what’s next for the brand, our launch of CBD along with our nootropics formulas that we have filed patents for is going to be the most interesting hook for consumers. We are anticipating offering a “tasting flight “upon launch of this where folks can test how there anxiety is lowered and their ability to arrive at overall flow state depending on dosage levels. So there is some customization and personalization, as well as just the overall benefit of CBD combined with Nootropics for the cognitive benefit - the flow state, otherwise known as your ideal calm rational, collected mindset.

Who is our target market?
No remember, this customer target market differ slightly from the likely investor target market - for a shortcut, it’s the WeWork + Kickstarter target.

From what we have learned from others and advice, what do investors care about most in picking companies?
In order of importance from what we have heard it’s the mission of the team, mandatory requirement to have traction and progress as a business, and perhaps the social proof, and then of course team.

Should we be worried that CBD is now almost to height and we will look like like a dime a dozen offering?
We really are not, so I think the work that is due for us is to differentiate with the content on our page to clearly show how we are a much more serious effort than the fly-by-night companies that have been popping up to address CBD or the slew of black market marijuana folks jumping in the game as well. I think the seriousness of the PhD’s, the sheer magnitude of the traction of the business, etc.

Given regulations CF crowdfunding is an SEC observed and registered process, what can you say and what can you not say on these pages?

What are some general selling points and also in relation to what makes your products different than other CBd offerings since it’s so hot?

1-Traction - we have made over $10 million and the leading brand in nootropics and now Ketones, where we are incredibly selective about the products and categories that we feel we can go into, because we do not dive in the something and less we can be the best at it. This is meaningfully different than other companies where they have a little bit of success with one product, then they quickly dilute their of

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